Ma devise :

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

Albert Einstein

Project Assistant & grant proposal writer in NGOs or MNC

“Every experience in your life is being orchestrated to teach you something you need to know to move forward.” Brian Tracy

Recommandation de Philippe, son consultant

M. Vllasi est une personne extrêmement vive et passionnée pour son domaine d’activités. Doctorant, il excelle dans la recherche, l’analyse, la rédaction et la gestion de projets. Il pourrait être une énorme plus-value pour toutes les sociétés prêtes à investir sur son potentiel. De par sa grande faculté d’adaptation, vérifiée à maintes reprises par sa vie personnelle et étudiante, et par sa force d’apprentissage, il fera très bientôt partie des atouts de votre entreprise. De naturel positif, engagé et collaboratif, il sera enfin une personne source de lien, de partage et de motivation au sein de vos équipes.

Mes entreprises précédentes:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo


College Victory


Mon Parcours


I am originally from Kosovo and before my arrival in Switzerland in 2017, I lived in the United States of America and the Czech Republic.

After I completed my Bachelor, I was employed at the University as a teaching assistant and during this time, I developed my competencies and skills in teaching and researching.  Working as a project assistant in 2016 for a local NGO helped me to develop further my skills in designing projects, planning, writing and evaluating projects according to the predetermined timelines and budgets. In the meantime, due to the limited resources of the organization, it was necessary to also perform the duties of the project manager and one key aspect of my daily job was accountability for project results to the donors and in searching for new sources of funding. In this regard, I strengthened and developed further my competencies and skills of managing and supporting the administration of funding agreements and project proposals.

In this regard, I possess impeccable management skills and the ability to strategically plan for achieving the project goals along with my attention to detail and excellent problem-solving skills ensuring that every project will be finished accurately and on time. My verbal communication skills and positive attitude makes me an effective communicator with my project team, allowing me to work both independently and in team-oriented environments. In addition of that, I can perform a number of duties such as a detailed budget analysis, performance and project reviews, productive resource allocation, planning, and coordinating activities.

If you are looking for a project assistant or grant proposal writer, I will be happy to contribute with my knowledge, skills and competencies toward the success of your team.

Mes réussites


  • Management
    • Working with a network of NGOs from the Western Balkans, I wrote and managed for more a year a project in peace building and reconciliation efforts in the Western Balkans, specifically amid two main ethnic groups in Kosovo. The success of this project is evident on the terrain and one of the main indicators is that the project is still running and financed by the German government and one of the NGOs in Germany.
  • Innovation
    • Working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, I was assigned to coordinate the development and implementation of a new policy and strategy in economic and public diplomacy. This strategy was important for a post-conflictual state to develop a new identity in order to attract new opportunities in order to develop the overall economic situation.

Mes formations


  • PhD in Law & Politics (part-time with a focus in International Relations), University of Graz, Austria, 2018-2021
  • Master of Diplomacy, South East European University, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (Evaluation of one qualification from Swiss universities/Swiss, 15/09/2017), 2016
  • Bachelor in International Relations and Diplomacy, College Victory, Pristina, 2012

Mes compétences clé

  • Project Management
  • Organizational strategy & planning skills
  • Strong analytical reasoning
  • Analyzing & developing strategies in various fields
  • Data collection & analysis & monitoring
  • Negotiation skills & complex problem solving

Ma maîtrise des langues


Ma maîtrise des outils informatiques

Microsoft Office
Microsoft Project

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